The Pet Nanny Success System
Discover My Paint By Numbers Complete System On How I Built My Lucrative Client Base To $15,000 Per Month In Less Than 
90 Days And How You Can Do It Too!
The Pet Nanny Success System™
is a step-by-step course which shows you exactly what to do to build a successful pet sitting business.
Does any of this ring a bell?
Are you stuck working in your business and not on your business?
Is it you, alone doing all of the pet sitting?
Are you having difficulty finding new, ideal clients who respect you and your business?
Do you feel deflated and under-qualified to be running your own business?
Do you want to expand, but have no idea how?
9 Step by Step Modules
Develop a Positive Mindset 

There are never any limits that we ourselves do not impose. It is possible to grow a successful and profitable pet sitting business.
Time, Organization & Productivity

Get out of being busy and get into productivity to move you measurably closer to your business success goals.
Set Yourself Apart From Your Competition 

Create a pet sitting business that is truly extraordinary and stands out from the rest.

Create a Compelling Marketing Message 

Captivate and convert your ideal prospects into paying clients through your marketing. 
Strategize Your Pricing & Packages

Price your services to sell and create packages your customers will love and appreciate.

Design a Website That Works With a Strong Online Presence 

Boost your online presence with a client attractive website and simple optimization techniques.

Create Your Marketing Power Wheel

Put your marketing on autopilot so that you always have a pipeline of new clients.
Systematize Everything!

Create replicable systems and processes so you can grow your business and maintain your sanity.
Expand Your Team

The less you work IN your business and the more work ON your business, the more money you will make FROM your business.
"I now have a staggering 289 clients and counting. "
"I have had my pet sitting business Walkies for just over 10 years. Up until a year ago, I maintained about 100 clients’ give or take, and had about 4 people that worked for me. I knew I needed to get my business to the next level, or find a new career...the plateau of my business for so many years, plus the plateau in money it was generating equaled out to be a boring career and tailspin in expenses as my income was the same...but bills and everything else were getting more expensive! I made the life changing decision to work with Colleen and I am thankful and SO grateful I did!!! The Pet Nanny Success System had completely changed my business for the better.

Andrea Fenner -

Here are some results you can expect:

A positive mindset and clear vision, so that you know exactly where you want to take your pet sitting business.

A method for organizing your time, so that you can become more efficient and productive, allowing you to reach your goals faster.

Clarity on the exact pet sitting client you want to attract, so that you build a client roster filled with clients who value your pet sitting service, pay you what you are worth, write outstanding testimonials and send you lots of referrals.

Ways to reach your ideal clients in large numbers and inexpensively, so that you’re not flushing your money down the toilet on expensive marketing that doesn’t work.

A pet sitting service that stands out from your competition, so that you are the only obvious choice.

A compelling marketing message, so that you consistently have new prospects banging down your door to hire your service.

Rates and packages that sell, so that you have a daily stream of income.

Systems to run and manage your business, so that your business runs like a well-oiled machine, freeing up your time to focus on bringing in new business and maximizing your current customer list.

A clear and well ordered website plan, so that you consistently pull-in your ideal clients and turn them into paying customers.

Simple search engine optimization strategies, so that you drive traffic to your site and increase your number of prospects that are in desperate need of your services.Simple search engine optimization strategies, so that you drive traffic to your site and increase your number of prospects that are in desperate need of your services.

A process to capture your prospects information and follow-up with them automatically, so that you convert them into paying clients.

"My monthly sales have increased by 477% in 6 months!"
Courtney Andersen of Waggity Tails in Baltimore, Maryland said that after learning and implementing the 9 Steps of The Pet Nanny Success System™.
"I have built my own, successful, pet sitting business from scratch with the guidance of Colleen with Pet Nanny Coach. She has helped me gain the confidence that I needed to make Waggity Tails grow.


The Pet Nanny Success System™ Binder
Valued at $10,000
Your 3-ring, hardcover binder, organized by each step of The Pet Nanny Success System™. 
This binder will give you everything you need to create your very own, 
well-organized, systematic, booming pet sitting business
The Pet Nanny Success System™ Workbook
Valued at $3,000
You are given a workbook, 
which includes 57 high-value marketing worksheets 
and lots of practical assignments 
for you to complete as you work your way through the system.
The Pet Nanny Success System™ Audio CD's
Valued at $1,000
You are given audios of The Pet Nanny Success System™, 
for those of you who prefer learning on- the-go 
or while you are out doing your dog walks.
My Proven Resources
Valued at $1,000
You will also receive my proven resources and time-saving recommendations. 
I give you all of my templates, scripts, checklists, examples and more. 
I don’t want you to have to reinvent the wheel. I give you all of the tools 
you need to become successful in the pet sitting industry
Daily Accountability
Valued at $3,000
You will receive Daily Accountability.
Each weekday morning you will receive an email from me 
helping you to focus and prioritize your day, 
so you can accomplish more and achieve your goals.
My Marketing Power Wheel
Valued at $1,000
You will receive my Marketing Power Wheel. 
If you implement each and every step of the wheel, 
you will never have a shortage of clients.
Love freebies? So do I. Check out these extra bonuses that sweeten the deal!
10 Day Pet Sitting Sales E-Course 
This valuable bonus will teach you how to make consistent sales with your pet sitting prospects in 10 easy steps. 
9 Secrets to Building a Successful Team of Pet Sitters
To make a substantial income in the pet sitting industry and to achieve the freedom based lifestyle you deserve, you need to leverage yourself through a team of heart-centered, pet care professionals who hold the same beliefs, values and pet care philosophy that you do.

This bonus is a swipe file, which includes my complete pet sitter hiring system, including my classified advertisement, job application, job description, interview questions, sitter interview system and rating sheet, sitter welcome packet, checklists and email templates.
Manager Hiring System

As your business grows, you will need to bring on administrative help to help you manage your pet sitting business.

This swipe file includes an overview of my manager hiring system along the manager classified advertisement, manager job description, manager interview questions, offer letter, duties checklist and training checklist.
I know that The Pet Nanny Success System can help you grow and systematize your business.  
Act now to see it for yourself.
Independent Study 
Downloads of the Manual, Workbook and Audios
A box of goodies, including the Manual, Workbook, CD's mailed to your home.
3 Awesome Bonuses
About Colleen Sedgwick
Hi there! I’m Colleen and as you’ve probably guessed, teaching pet sitting business owners to get more clients and make more money is kind of my sweet spot.
I’ve got 14+ years experience in the pet sitting industry. I transformed my once teeny-tiny, itty-bitty business into a thriving a lucrative enterprise that services over a thousand clients on The Main Line of Philadelphia.
Through my ultra-informative blog, videos, online courses and one-on-one coaching programs, I have empowered and taught countless other pet sitters how to turn their passion for pets into paychecks.
I am living proof that you can create a purpose-filled and lucrative business based on your love for animals and that it’s never too late to follow your heart and live your passion.
Who Is This Program For?
You're starting out in the pet sitting industry and you want to do it right from the start.
You want to maximize your business building efforts to attractideal clientsand make more money.
You don't have time
 to figure it out on your own,but just want easy strategies that will
have an immediate
effect on your pet sitting business.
The Business Owner
You have an established pet sitting business, but are unclear on how to grow and scale your pet sitting business.
You are so busy working in your business that you have never had the time to learn business building strategies.
You are ready to take your pet sitting business to the next big level of success.
The Startup
You know you should launch a pet sitting business,butdon'tknow how to get started or where tofocusyour time.
You are looking for step-by-step instructions that are easy to understand and you can implement right away.
You want expert guidance to show you exactly what strategies work to save you time
and money.
Who It's Not For
Those who are looking for an easy, get rich quick scheme
Those who are not willing to put in the work to get significant results
Those who will make any excuse to not get the work done
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
If for whatever reason The Pet Nanny Success System™ does not satisfy you in any way, simply ship it back within 30 days from purchase and we’ll automatically process your refund, no questions asked!
You may already be aware of how easy it will be to grow your pet sitting business when you invest in this one of a kind course.
If not, as you sit here reading this, I want you to imagine how you’ll feel when your business starts generating 5K,10K, 15K, 20K per month.
More than that, I want you to envision a pet sitting business that provides you with financial security and the freedom-based lifestyle you always dreamed about.

By now, if you’re anything like the other successful business owners who’ve worked with me, you realize the potential for your pet sitting business is UNLIMITED!

When you’re ready to run your business like a pro, you can enroll now.
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